Friday, 15 February 2008

In Praise of Practise

To my mind there is no end to the benefits of solo practise. It's the time when my body teaches me through the form , or is it the form that teaches my body? Either way, an exchange happens that leaves me refreshed , renewed and more in touch with my true nature.

My friend Margaret introduced me to the teachings of Adyashanti , an American Zen teacher. "Allowing everything to be as it is" , is the title of one of his meditation talks in which he guides one to the silence beyond the mind. I love the way he leads this meditation and invites one to notice any remaining tension in the body which he describes as resistance to 'allowing everything to be'. I have found this to be a great help in my daily life and especially my practise. By slowing down I can become aware of any pockets of tension remaining in my body. In the noticing of them , they often dissolve or if not, awaken me to what I'm resisting. This gives me the opportunity to let it go and return to my practise.

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