Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Shifting to High Vibrations

We move through different energy states or frequencies each day. We may wake up in great form (high frequency or energy) maybe we are feeling courageous and feel like we can tackle the world, that is until something knocks us off balance. Maybe someone tells us a story that just knocks the wind out of our sails. Maybe they tell us of how our ideas can't work. You know what I mean something just deflates us. Now imagine that you can recognise what is happening to you , you are conscious and you have the skill to pull yourself right back up into courageousness, You have the resources to navigate these set backs. You understand energy (or frequency ) and know how to raise your vibrations. Imagine how much easier life could be.
This is what Lester Levenson discovered, he found a simple way to 'Let Go ' of the feelings that keep us stuck in low energy states. He showed us how to Release feelings that keep us in low energy states such as apathy,  fear,  grief, and  anger. When we release these feelings we naturally move into higher states of energy such as courageousness, acceptance or peace. In these higher stated we have much more energy available to us, we feel much more empowered and ready to take risks in life. We have the courage to be vulnerable and put ourselves out there even when it is difficult. 
Each time we 'Let Go' of our thoughts and become Quiet we access higher energy, some people call this wisdom, we become more intuitive and begin to trust answers that just 'pop into our heads.
There are lots of methods to quieten our minds I practise T'ai Chi and meditate which both allow me to become more conscious of the noise in my head, releasing is a great addition to these methods as it is easy to do while I am out and about in the world.
What an amazing time to be alive when all these esoteric practises are now widely available so we can all access our own innate wisdom and live happy fulfilled lives.
Learn how to do this at our next workshop.
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