Thursday, 23 February 2017

Galway A Short Visit

 We took a trip to Galway,

 Last Saturday and arrived early afternoon,

 It looked as interesting as ever,

 I wandered along streets and found myself outside this church,

 Memories flooded back and I went inside. Sitting down I remembered the night five years ago when I wandered in here. It was the evening after I had had the first part of my Reconnection. Something drew me to the church and when I entered there was a  concert of Hyden music with a wonderful choir and orchestra. ( From my diary, "My energy responded to the music. It was as if the music was playing my energy.Whenever I noticed 'myseld ' and tried to control it, or make something happen 'It' would bring me back to the present and the movement of energy in my body . Energy up and down my spine. A strong feeling of connection between the palms of my hands. a feeling of energy flowing over and back. Amazement." )

 My energy was high with the reawakened memories.

 And everything took on a special glow.



 All seemed magical and full of promise.
So grateful for the memories and the reminders of such great connections and Reconnections.

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