Wednesday, 6 January 2016

How do you inspire and encourage yourself ?

Do you love and approve of yourself  into action?
Love works, it inspires,nourishes and heals us, and knowing that love is the way, at times I still find myself beating myself up. Disapproving of ourselves is such a habit, our families,our society, and even our religions often 'teach' us to disapprove of ourselves, so is it any wonder that it has become such a bad habit. We have come to believe that the way to change is through disapproving of the things that we don't like in our lives. We feel that if we just hate something about ourselves enough  it will force us to change. Does this work ? Well it has never worked for me.
Learning to Let Go of disapproving of myself and giving myself approval ( for no reason) has allowed me to grow in so many ways, it allows me to stop postponing on life until some 'perfect' time when all my 'problems are resolved ( in other words when I'm dead).
Learning to love ourselves 'warts' and all, brings about a great sense of relaxation, this ease in the body-mind means that lots more energy is available for living and  working on interesting projects.

Loving Yourself Exercise:

Allow yourself to focus inside and bring to mind any area in your life that you are disapproving of right now.
Take your time to just picture this aspect, now ask your mind to just move it out of your body ( just for now you can always bring it back in later if you want).

Actually allow yourself to feel it leaving the body.

Notice  how much lighter you feel without this load.

Now give yourself some approval and notice how that feels. Just say Thank You I love You to yourself a few times.

Repeat the process for each aspect that you are disapproving of and I promise you will have more energy, more well being, more abundance and much more fun and success today.
Just take it for testing and repeat as often as you like. This is a great recipe to a better life. 

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