Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sometimes when I'm out walking Suzie ( above ) , a blog post starts growing in my mind. It incubates,
 sometimes it incubates for days on other times it's pretty much done by the time we are home.
Here is today's.
I'm currently reading Caroline Myss's Anatomy of the Spirit. In it she says " I saw that for an alternative therapy to succeed, the patient must have an internal concept of power - an ability to generate internal energy and emotional resources, such as a belief in his or her self -sufficiency."
I certainly agree , reflecting on the changes in my life due to my training in Tai Chi and other mind work it is clear that I have a much stronger sense of personal power now. Also  I can see this happening in my students
as they practice and gain more confidence and mastery of their bodies and minds , they feel and look more present. They begin to occupy their rightful space , and claim their own personal power. When someone has good posture and  ' fills ' their body right out to and even beyond the skin , they are fully alive, they really are here not lost in thoughts of past or future . Our power is always in the here and now, and  we train to develop the concentration needed to live a fully present life. 

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