Sunday, 30 September 2012

According to Lester " Wanting is not having,  wanting brings up a feeling of lack. " Check this out for yourself. Think of something you really want but don't have. . . . . . . .

 See what I mean it brings up that sense of missing out or lacking inside.

When I first realized this I started to suppress my ' wanting ', thinking that pushing my wants down would help  - ostrich approach,  if I bury my wants  they will somehow go away. This didn't work and led to a lot of frustration until I listened again to Lester and understood how he worked. When I was ready I heard him say,
 " Can you allow yourself to want  'whatever it is ' as much as you do ? "
" Can you allow yourself to feel the SELF  that is already whole and complete that has no wants."

Repeat allowing up your wants and them becoming aware of the awareness that knows the wants and also knows what is beyond all wanting. That which is already beyond even completion.
Does this dissolve the wants ? Sometimes,  but what is even better the space created by the realization that one is already whole  and complete allows for the manifestation of our desires. It is as if when we stop thinking we have to have them they just begin showing up.
So what Lester is saying is let up your desires allow yourself to really feel them and also allow yourself to explore your true nature that has no desires because it is already whole. Come to realize that the external world can never complete what is already whole. Does this stop us enjoying the world ,  paradoxically we can enjoy it all the more when we realize that we don't need it to complete us.

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