Monday, 24 September 2012

I think that we are all  ' beings of light ' , however our light is mostly obscured from view, hidden under layers of fear and defence. We need and intuitively search for ways to clear these obstructions, if we are lucky we find people and practices that help us to recognise and heal ourselves of these blocks to the internal light. The    practice of Tai Chi is one method of working on ourselves , it is amazing to see how much people 'brighten' even during a class.
 There is something in the way that Tai Chi circulates in the body that really activates the internal light. I have observed this over and over, people come to the class looking tired and grey and as we practice together their skin tone changes and brightens , they begin to glow.That internal light begins to shine again.  Then all one needs to do is keep up the practice and bit by bit the blocks  crumble. More light  shines both from the outside in and from the inside out.
 While I  watch people as they practice I can 'see ' and ' feel' the movement of the ' light ' in and around their bodies. How and when this began to happen I have no idea but it is clear and beautiful to watch. As people progress the pathways become clearer and smoother and more and more beautiful to watch.
I now wonder if these are the same paths used by the  ' Reonnectivec  ' frequencies as they move through and heal our bodies.

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