Thursday, 7 June 2012

I don't often talk about energy in Tai Chi , I shy away from the topic. Last night I complained to John (my husband of 25 years, anniversary next Sunday ) that I was stuck had nothing to write about. He looked closely and asked
'' Is it  that you have nothing to say or that you are too afraid to write about it ? ''  He was right I am afraid of writing about this energy and my experiences over the last years and the developments over these last weeks.
A few weeks ago I began working again  on some of the ' energy '  work that Steven and John taught me. I always loved this work and also found it very challenging as it is so difficult to put the experience into words.
The sensations in and around my body while doing this work are similar to those when practicing the  form but feel stronger or amplified.  We practiced this work at John Kells and Steven's  intensives I had let it go in my own classes for quite a while. Then a few weeks ago I found myself opening to it once again and once again found myself struggling to explain this work, struggling to answer peoples questions. How could I put into words these feelings and sensations that felt so 'right ' so healing in my body.
As by a miracle I came across Dr Eric Pearl on Youtube and have found his experience to really resonate with our work. Since then I read his book and have begun to give some 'healing ' sessions a la Eric Pearl. Wow is all I can say, it is like finding a missing link in the chain . Now it is so much clearer. Must get ready for my next tai chi class now but will write about my ' Reconnection ' experience  later.

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