Saturday, 9 June 2012

Back to Reconnecting, having read Eric Pearl's book I had to try it on somebody, I wanted to see if people really did show bodily registers in response to the energy.  This was one of the aspects of using energy in tai chi I found frustrating, I would be very aware of the energy and really feel it but there was often no conscious or even unconscious response in the other person. With 'Reconnection energy work the recipient usually lies down  to receive a treatment.  This makes it easier to observe registers in their bodies.
John agreed to lie down, relax,  and allow me to give him a ' treatment ', Sure enough with his eyes closed and no physical contact between us his body would respond as my hands worked above it. What was interesting too was that the response was stronger when I worked some areas. John showed the strongest registers when I worked over his stomach and his feet. One of the aspects of this  ' energy ' work that really appeals to me is the fact that we do not need to interpret the responses or registers. We just empty our minds allow the intelligence to pass through us ant treat the person. It is actually not our business to figure anything out. I find this very freeing.
I discovered that I love giving these 'treatments, it feels like a form of meditation in that one has to stop the internal dialogue and tune in to the sensations in ones one body and those happening in the other person. Any attempt to make something happen ' dries ' up the feelings and the registers, so one has to surrender and listen fully and wait. Then the intelligent  ' energy 'does its work.
John found the treatments I gave him relaxing, he felt a ticklish sensation in his stomach and feet. On a few occasions he was so certain that I was touching various parts of his body that he opened his eyes to check.
He also noticed more positive  events at work but is very reluctant to suggest a correlation between the two without a lot more evidence.

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