Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tai Chi Warm - ups

Here is the first video  of the warm - ups as promised to my Tuesday morning class. Once you watch one the others will pop up on the screen and  you can access them there on vimeo.  Hope they are helpful.

The best approach to tai chi in my experience is to just practice each day and allow the practice to teach you.
John Kells  who introduced this form to Europe in the seventies would say
  " Never let high standards get in the way of your practice. " and he also remind us often that,
  " Your tai chi on any day is perfect for that day and that point in your life . "
 In other words we cannot go beyond our evolution, each time we practice it is just perfect for  that session.
  With this in mind give yourself whole heartedly to your tai chi and it will give you many blessings in return. You can enjoy, a greater sense of grace in movement , greater calmness of mind, more strength in your body, these are just a few of the benefits so give yourself the gift of practice you really do deserve to have time each day to be nourished from within.

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