Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mini Form for the Blackrock class

And all is light in this blindness, and what is more, this manifest luminosity contains a magnificent lesson. Since my childhood I have been impressed with a phenomenon of surprising clarity. The light I saw changed with my inner condition.
Partly it depended on my physical condition, for instance fatigue, restfulness, tension, or relaxation. Such changes however, were relatively rare. The true changes depended on the state of my soul.
When I was sad, when I was afraid, all shades became dark and all forms indistinct. When I was joyous and attentive , all pictures become light. Anger, remorse, plunged everything into darkness. A magnanimous resolution, a courageous decision, radiated a beam of light. By and by I learned to understand that love meant seeing and that hate meant night.
Jacques Lusseyran ( from Against the Pollution of the I )

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