Saturday, 24 September 2011

Evidence from EEG confirms that -
" When we focus our attention on just one bodily sensation, thoughts usually continue flowing our mind. However, when we learn the simple mental process of fully focusing on two or more distinct bodily sensations at the same time (breathing and heartbeat,for instance , or sight and sound),all thoughts cease flowing through the mind.

From John Selby's Quiet Your Mind and here is one of his exercise for you to experience. . .

Even while reading these words, you can begin to expand your awareness in experiential directions by also becoming aware of the air flowing in and out your nose or mouth as you breathe. . . . don't do anything to change your breathing. Just experience your mind's attention beginning to expand to include not only ideas and symbols but also your own body here in the present moment . . . and as you continue reading these words, and feeling the sensation of the air rushing in and out your nose and mouth, also begin to be aware of the sounds around you. . . and when you come to the end of this paragraph, see what unique experience comes to you as you close the 'book' momentarily, and tune fully into your breathing experience. . . your whole body here in the present moment . . . the sounds . . the colors. . .

So reminiscent of Dr Fehmi's amazing open focus exercises, I love finding new research and exercises that confirm my experience. It is great to feel part of a
bigger community of mediators, psychologists, and neuroscientists all working to expand our consciousness and also our understanding of how to expand our consciousness.

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