Wednesday, 28 September 2011

More about your heart.

"Recent studies of conception have shown that the first brain to develop is indeed the heart, and that the tiny heart seems to begin beating in direct interaction with the heartbeat of the mother. A powerful entrainment happens so that there is scientifically observable pulsative harmony between the mother and the fetal heart. Indeed, a controversy presently exists concerning the possibility that the fetal heart begins beating not from orders from its own brain (hardly present at this time at the top of the nervous system ) but from an energetic entrainment with the electromagnetic force field of the mother's heart.

Scientific instrument have demonstrated that the heart produces a three-phase electromagnetic force field that radiates at least fifteen feet beyond the body.
Our heart is a powerful broadcast transmitter, influencing the fetal heart and surely interacting with the electromagnetic force field of other peoples' hearts. This is actually energy being broadcast and is a full forty times greater than the total magnitude of the brain's energy.

Considering what a powerful transmitting organ the heart is I feel its well worth while spending some time getting better acquainted -

So here is another exercise if you too would like to get to know your heart ;

After reading this exercise, close your eyes, tune into your breathing , and turn your focus of attention toward your own heart experience . . . it doesn't matter for now if your heart feels good or bad, hurt or happy, open or closed . . . what matters is that you begin to hold your attention , more and more focused on your heart . . . so that change and learning can happen, as the warmth of your own mind's attention soothes your heart . . . . love yourself enough to give your own heart nonjudgemental loving attention . . . . . . .

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