Thursday, 8 September 2011

More and more I am realizing that love is the only answer.
Finding and clearing the blocks in me, the parts afraid to
love and also the part afraid to let love in. Often people
who have problems with self esteem (me being one ) are
defensive and are afraid to let down the guard and let the
love in. But it is well worth the time it takes to find
'tools' that work for you. For me some days sinking into
my Tai Chi practice or an 'Open Focus' exercise will open
me up and allow me to feel the presence of the love that
always IS. Other times my mind is resisting and I need to
work through some 'faulty' beliefs. Then I can let the love
in again.

Without this Love you cannot breathe,
as without air you cannot live.
Love is Meditation, Meditation is Love.
Heart has no frontiers;
Meditate on This.
You are this Love, You are That.
Simply be Quiet and stay as such.

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