Monday, 15 August 2011

For as long as I can remember the countryside, especially quiet woodland walks have been a refuge for me. Now my refuges include tai chi, meditation, time at home with John, and my girls.
A quiet cup of coffee in the garden.
I also take refuge in memories, times spent in Uncle Seamus's company. We didn't speak much but I would follow him around his garden as he showed me his latest additions and the peace surrounding him would nourish and renew me. Now when I recall positive memories they renew and refresh me once again.
Acknowledging my refuges seems to have given them more power. They are a great resource when I'm a little upset and need my batteries recharged. Also being aware and consciously using a refuge enhances its effects.

Here is a little exercise to explore your own refuges.

Call to mind some of your refuges. Then apply this exploration to as many of them as you like.

I take refuge in . . . . . .

I go for refuge to . . . . .

I come from . . . . .

. . . . .flows through me.

Now bring to mind one refuge. Get a feeling or an idea of it, and sense it in your body.

Get a sense of how it is wholesome for you to take refuge there. To have its influence in your life.

To come from that place to have its shelter and protection.

Say softly in your mind : I find refuge in . . . Or wordlessly feel yourself entering refuge there.

Notice how it feels to have entered this refuge Let the feeling sink in and become part of you.

When you like move to another refuge and explore that one too.

If you like you can build a 'bank' of refuges where you will find peace and nourishment when your spirits need renewal.

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