Monday, 6 December 2010

We usually feel happy when we fulfill a desire or get something we have wanted. And so we come to believe that our happiness lies in fulfilling our desires. Lester Levinson asks us to notice that what happens is, that on fulfilling our desires our mind stops, (even for a little while) and then we feel our true nature. This is our happiness. I have been watching my mind and my happiness for a some time now and in my experience Lester is correct. When my mind becomes quiet and I rest in my true nature a natural state of contentment and joy arises. My daily tasks become ever more interesting and enjoyable, walking the dog, cooking for my family , practice and teaching all fill my heart and life with love. Fulfillment is no longer a goal to be attained but a daily experience.

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s-oh!-s-ew! said...

i love this post...i am working hard to emulate this theory x x !