Thursday, 30 December 2010

Another Katie Exercise : Tuning Out

Instead of interrupting,from then on, you may find that you simply tune out while someone is talking to you, and from then on, you just pretend to listen. Try to notice the moment when you begin to listen to your own thoughts instead of the words of the other person. Then say this silently to yourself: "
I've decided to attend to my thoughts instead of to what you are saying because . . . ."

For Example:

". . . I've heard all this before, and I can safely go back to a more important project: nursing my worries."

". . . I can't afford to listen to this. If I don't pay attention to my own troubles, I may not survive the week."

". . . "the people laughing over there are having more fun. I wonder if I can join them.

Find your favourite reasons for tuning out and bring them to inquiry. People say they " space out " whereas in reality they shift their attention to particular thoughts.
Where do you go when you space out ?

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