Sunday, 26 December 2010

Here is another listening exercise from Katie's 'I need your love - is that true ?
A good way to become aware of thoughts that fly by during a conversation is to watch yourself interrupting people. You probably notice when someone interrupts you in midsentence, but if you're the one doing it, it may not be so obvious.
Step one.
Simply notice when you interrupt. Don't stop your interrupting just notice it. Try this during a phone call or while chatting with your mother or a colleague at the office.
Step Two.
As you interrupt , silently say this to yourself: " I'm not letting you finist your sentence because. . . . ," ( and fill in the blank).This will hardly slow you down at all. Just watch the blank fill itself in with what you usually hide from yourself in the blur of conversation.
Here are some examples of what various people have discovered :

" I'm not letting you finish your sentence because
. . .I already know where you're going, and I have something more clever to say."
. . .I might forget what i have to say and lose this great oppertunity to impress you."
. . .I already know where you are going, and I want to avoid that territory."
. . .you're not interesting enough to distract me from my scary thoughts."
.. . you're having such a hard time expressing yourself ,
I'm going to rescue you by saying it better."
. . .interrupting you is a natural expression of my enthusiasm."
When you have done this exercise enough times to recognize the top three thoughts that lead you to interrupt, check out Byron Katie's website here and put your thoughts to inquiry.

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