Monday, 1 November 2010

The 6'th best way to exercise your brain.

Consciously relax, this does not mean taking a nap, or assuming the position of a couch potato in front of a television set. I'm talking deliberately scanning each part of your body to reduce muscle tension and physical fatigue.( Actually why not do that right now, while you're reading allow yourself to become aware of some part of your body that feels tense, welcome that feeling of tension and become curious about it, how does it feel, melt right into the tension, spend a few moments in that feeling. Now pay attention to a part of your body that feels soft open and relaxed, welcome the feeling of relaxation, become curious about it , how exactly does it feel, allow yourself to melt right into that sense of relaxation. Repeat this exercise two more times, by the time you have done this you will feel very relaxed.)

Simple , repetitive activities that are pleasurable and meaningful can also take you into a deep state of relaxation (T'ai Chi). In a recent study it was found that the ritual practice of counting rosaries lowers tension , stress and anxiety. Relaxation does much more than relieve body tension; it interrupts the brain's release of stress-stimulating neurochemicals . Lowering stress reduces heart disease, high blood pressure and pain.

Coincidentally Alice lives at No.6. Amazing woman.

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