Sunday, 31 October 2010

The 7'th best way to exercise your brain.
" Stay intellectually active. This should be (if you will pardon the pun a
no-brainer)). Intellectual and cognitive stimulation strengthen the neural connections through out your frontal lobe, and this in turn improves your ability to communicate , solve problems, and make rational decisions concerning your behavior. A highly functional frontal lobe also makes it easier to diet , exercise, and avoid tempting activities that have health risks.
Memory and mnemonic exercises strategy based games like chess and other forms of visual /spatial games (tai chi) can significantly improve cognitive functioning. Furthermore intellectual, stimulation, in nearly any form, lowers your propensity to react with anger or fear. Imagination even improves motor coordination of your body, and if you rehearse a dance step or a golf swing (even a tai chi posture) in your mind, you'll actually perform the task better. The same is true for attaining personal goals. The more often you imagine what you want, the more likely you are to achieve it "

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