Saturday, 6 November 2010

The 3'rd best way to exercise your brain.
Aerobic Exercise. Vigorous exercise strengthens every part of the brain, as well as what it is connected the- the body. If you are between the ages of eighteen and ninety, exercise is going to lengthen your life. How much should you exercise ? In general the more intense the better but it is important to find the "right" amount of exercise that feels the best for you.
Exercise can be viewed as a form of meditation because it involves sustained concentration and deliberate regulation of body movements and breathing. Studies have shown that it enhanses relaxation and spiritual well-being.
Meditative exercises such as tai chi and yoga do wonders for your body and brain.They have similar cognitive benefits to other forms of contemplative meditation, and in recent research it was shown that these exercises can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, help control the symptoms of diabetes, reduce chronic back pain, and prevent the onslaught of migraine headaches.
All forms of exercise enhance neural performance and rebuild damaged circuits caused by brain lesions and strokes. Exercise improves cognition and and academic performance. It repairs and protects you from the neurological damage caused by stress. It enhances brain plasticity. It boosts immune function. It reduces anxiety. It can be used to treat clinical depression, and it is just as effective as antidepressants. In fact for older patients , exercise is equivalent to twelve sessions of psychodynamic psychotherapy. It slows down loss of brain tissue as you age, protects you from Alzheimer's disease, and reduces your vulnerability to chronic illness.

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