Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Releasing is a way of  ' Letting Go  ', we can let go kinesthetically or mentally. 
The awareness we develop through T'ai Chi training is a great help when letting go kinesthetically. In our training we learn to feel consciously the unconscious habit of holding tension in the body,  once we are conscious of the feeling of 'holding on' we can easily learn to release that tension from the body.
The second way of releasing is the letting go of feelings. Feelings often run our lives and many of us spend huge amounts of our energy trying to handle our feelings. We often deal with feelings either by suppressing them back into the body ( where they can cause more tension and disease). 
Or we express them often causing us problems in relationships when  we say things that we later regret.  Some people even spend decades mulling over feelings from childhood trying unsuccessfully to 'figure out the issue'  instead of getting on with living a full and happy life right now.
Learning to release on feelings frees us to have a more clear open spacious mind, or in fact allows us to become conscious of the space in which the mind operates.
One simple way to release is to just drop all your thoughts and feelings and become conscious of the quiet space. Just trow away all your thinking and feeling just for a few seconds and notice how nice it feels to be free.
As we learn to 'let go ' are no longer fully 'lost ' in our thinking and feeling but are aware that this process happening in our minds is just an old habit and not really who we are.
We are the awareness in which all feelings , emotions and thoughts happen.
 Of course this doesn't happen over night just like T'ai Chi it is a practise with lots of exercises to help us become more conscious and free.
This is not just an intellectual response but an experiential knowing.
Releasing allows us to get to know ourselves beyond mind activity, allows us to access that vast eternal ISness or Beingness that is our true nature.
T'ai Chi brings us to this recognition through our body and Releasing brings us to the same realisation through ' Letting Go '.

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