Sunday, 7 January 2018

Fear A Block To Living Freely

Fear is major blocks to living a life free to pursue one's heart's desire.
Let's have a look at Fear.
Fear of rejection, or failure often keeps us stuck repeating old patterns afraid to change.
In releasing we learn to welcome fear into our awareness, by saying Yes to the fear and allowing ourselves to really feel it we discover that it's power over us diminishes.
This saying Yes to the fear is not that easy to do, we are often so used to suppressing the fear that we are really scared to feel it. We need encouragement and reassurance that the fear will not actually kill us. Once we learn to Release our feelings we discover the courage to feel our fear, to embrace it fully and then we discover something wonderful, the fear was never actually real it was a fabrication of our Mind and only seemed real because we were afraid to feel it. Wow!  This is a big experience and brings a huge sense of freedom.
So next time you notice some fear which is holding you back, start by asking yourself to say YES to the fear. Allow yourself to really feel the sensations that this fear brings into your body and give them permission to be there, Allow yourself to feel the discomfort, very soon you will notice that the sensations begin to ease, as long as you are willing to stay present to your body and its feelings the sensations ( or energy ) will dissolve and you will begin to feel free and light. You will have released a block to being the free spirit that you were born to be.

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