Friday, 16 December 2016

Letting Go Of Wanting To Be Right

Wanting to BE RIGHT is a major block in life. This 'wanting' is often difficult to recognise as we usually don't just think we want to Be Right we 'believe'  that we are Right. We are usually doing our best in life and wouldn't consciously do something to keep us stuck, so this aspect of our personality is mostly unconscious. In learning to recognise our 'wanting to be right ' we have the opportunity to let go and experience life in ways we previously couldn't have imagined. In my experience all belief is a hold back. Any time we are sure about anything we have closed our minds we are not just 'wanting to be right ' we are fully convinced that we ARE RIGHT.
All our judging of others is a form of trying to convince ourselves that we are Right and they are wrong.This keeps us from meeting people in a fresh new way open to seeing aspects of them that remain hidden when we have already decided how they are.
I find that when I release my feelings and beliefs about the people I know they often surprise me in the way they behave. I stand in awe at the fun we can have together once I let go of the belief that they are 'boring' .

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