Thursday, 6 October 2016

What Pictures Are you Holding In Your Mind

" The mind is creative and what we hold in mind manifests in our lives ." Lester Levenson

Stop for just a minute and reflect on your inner 'pictures'. Pictures about your world.
How does this inner world look to you. How are you seeing your body ? Is it healthy happy and fit ?
How are your financial pictures ? Abundant ? 
 How are you picturing your family? Do they look happy and fulfilled ?
Becoming more conscious of what you are seeing in your mind gives you the possibility of changing your mind's picture to a more positive one. This is not a form of denial about reality, but an empowering exercise which helps you take control of your inner world  and in my experience seems to also help the others in  the 'pictures'.

I have been practising Lester's method of Releasing Feelings and changing my pictures and I'm noticing how much my world is changing as my inner pictures change.
There are  two main 'schools ' of releasing and I love them both.

Release Technique   and The Sedona Method

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