Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The challenge is to write about what is really pushing out my boundaries on a day.
 I changed my mobile phone provider a few weeks ago and my first bill arrived today.
It was more than I had expected and it seemed that I hadn't got the deal the shop assistant
had promised me. ( I live in a small town and know the assistant ). So what was I to do ?
It might seem straight forward to some people to just go back to the shop and ask but it
actually was very difficult for me.  I could have asked John to go in and ask, but I knew
that it was time for me to grow up in regard to money. So I took my bill in and asked for
an explanation . Everything was explained and I received an apology that it hadn't been
 made clear to me that the first bill would be like this.
 This was a big step forward and and felt so good and empowering that I phoned  a group
who hadn't paid an invoice which I had sent a few weeks ago ( more fears here) again I got
sincere apologies and was assured that the payment would be made promptly.
What a day for me and to top it all off I have shared it , have also faced the fear of showing
 that I am still in kindergarten when it comes to money.  So maybe I am actually moving out
of my old beliefs and and growing in that area of my life too.

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