Sunday, 22 July 2012

Here is my dog Susie , she was giving me the cold shoulder since I got home from Barcelona .
So last night I decided to show her what I had been up to while I was away. She had no trouble
feeling the ' frequencies ' her body showed the registers and she looked at me inquisitively.
Then delighted with the response I worked on her again to show John (maybe not such a good idea ).
She did respond again but then she jumped up and walked off, John then asked me if I thought it was
ethical to work on her as she hadn't given me her permission. This made me reflect and my feeling is
that it was ok first time because my intention was to help our relationship to heal. I feel she knew that
too and hence she was relaxed and open.  Second time I was  "showing off " my new skill. Who knows,
Maybe she felt the different intention and didn't want to participate , either way I will check my intention
 next time.

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