Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tension is a great teacher, now whenever I notice tension in my body I turn my attention inwards feel the tension as fully as possible, and ask it what it is about. There is usually a thought or feeling I'm suppressing, often a recurring anxiety or fear. Sometimes I notice that I just don't want to be listening this conversation, (even noticing and allowing this feeling helps me relax). Later I can take all these thoughts and feelings to inquiry and gain awareness and often a more longterm release from those particular tension 'stimulators'. Why not stop right now for just a minute and look inside . . . . . . .Can you find any tension ? If you find some ask what it is about, notice the belief that is keeping you from being fully relaxed in this moment. You can take this to inquiry (ala Byron Katie) or just allow it and you to be. Even the awareness will help you to relax.

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