Friday, 14 January 2011

Relaxation is something I'm always working on in my practice and in daily life. We are advised to become soft like water in our tai chi practice and this makes great sense to me .
Water is totally relaxed, it accepts everything we add to it, relaxes into the shape of any container and is completely tuned into it's environment to mention just a few of it's attributes. To become more water like is my goal for 2011. By this I mean not resisting any experience but instead allowing myself to melt completely into it. I have found that hearing Les Fehmi's open focus question in my head "Can you imagine feeling the sense of presence of your whole body and all the feelings and emotions in your body simultaneously ?" really helps to bring me right in to my body in a very open and accepting way and allows me to notice any tension that is present. Just noticing the tension in a relaxed way is often all that is needed in order to dissolve it.

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