Thursday, 11 March 2010

Milton H.Erickson

" During his first semester of his sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin,
Erickson experienced one of his many spontaneous auto hypnotic phenomena.
Erickson had decided that he wanted to earn some extra money by writing editorials for the local news paper and he had planned to write them by using an ability he had discovered when he was younger. This ability consisted of sometimes being able to dream the correct solutions to arithmetic problems.Accordingly, he planned to study until 10.30 P.M at which time he would go to bed and awaken at 1.00 A.M to write the editorial he hoped he would have created in his dreams in the meantime.He awoke the next morning with no memory of having written the editorial, yet there it was, carefully placed under his typewriter. He decided not to read that editorial or any of the others he produced in the same mysterious manner and submitted to the news paper that week, but each day he looked at the paper to see if he could find one he thought he might have written. He discovered he was unable to recognise his own editorials, each of which had been published and concluded that " there was a lot more in my head than I realized ".
From The Wisdom of Milton H Erickson by Ronald A Havens

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