Wednesday, 3 February 2010

If one looks deep within oneself there are not
only two worlds, there are so many worlds that it
is beyond expression. It can be understood that
one person lives only in the external world, while
another lives in two worlds, and a third person
may live in many worlds at the same time.....
When one asks , Where are those worlds ? Are
they above the sky or below the earth ?
The answer is, "All worlds are in the same place
as we are"
Inayat Khan
I have been reading and thinking about parallel worlds or
realities lately. This morning as I rounded the corner
on the way home from walking with Suzie (my dog), I
noticed my car was gone and wondered where has Ann
(that's me) gone? It was such a strange and funny
experience. It was like watching my life from some
different place or time. As soon as I caught the 'silly'
question laughter overtook me and I've been chuckling
each time I remember. Now I'm sure others experience
this too.
I'd love to hear!

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