Thursday, 25 February 2010

I was cranky as a bag of cats the other night and took it out on my daughters berating them for letting the fire go out (while I was practicing my "art"). I was so cross and upset that night I wouldn't even let the irony of the situation into my conscious awareness and stormed out with Suzie to walk the mood off.

Not feeling much better when I got home(still believing my stressful thoughts as Byron Katie would say).
Bed seemed the best resort so I read for a while and then slept soundly. Next morning I was lying there trying to recall a dream that was hovering just below the surface when suddenly I remembered Ann is supposed to be CROSS She is DEPRESSED and in a bad mood. Then I started to laugh it was as if I had been given a choice which identity would live in me that day. The fun one won hands down. The girls loved the story laughed heartily at it and my apology.

Maybe this is one of the benefits of the work that one is somehow given more choice in how to respond to thoughts (even if it takes a good nights sleep to bring bring that choice to the surface).

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