Sunday, 25 October 2009

Ward Off Energy

Here is an approach to Ward Off energy using some of the techniques I learned from Dr.Fehmi in my training with him and from practising with his CDs.
To begin, adopt the posture shown here by Michael.
Relax and feel your feet on the ground. Feel your head as if it is connected to heaven by a string. Now become aware of, and feel, the space around your body and the space between your arms and your body. Now bring your attention to your breath. Breath into your neck, filling the whole area with energy. When breathing out leave this space empty (and full of space). On the next breath fill the neck again and expand your awareness into your shoulders breathing in energy and as you breath out leave the whole area empty and full of space. Repeat the process , breathing next to and filling right into your elbows. Then to your wrists and finally right to the finger tips. Each time you breath out feel your arms becoming more empty, more full of space. Now stay in this posture and allow yourself to become aware of the space around your arms and between your arms and your body. Allow yourself to feel the aliveness of the space between your body and your arms. As you practice, your experience will become more rich, more full, and more fun.
I would love to hear this exercise works for you too.

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Ray said...

Greetings Ann , hi

- thats a nice picture of Mike,

just looking at it is interesting .. it would seem that there is an invisible connection between his palms and his chest.. it looks like energy has risen from the ground into the feet & up into into his arms and into the back of his hands ..
but the real stability of the posture seems to extend from this empty space between his palms and his chest - it looks like the wardoff energy is pushing out from that invisible space - it is a nice photo indeed.

Greetings to all the Cork Massive -

Fond regards