Saturday, 8 July 2017

Welcome to New Beginners

Welcome to new T'ai Chi beginners it is great to share this fabulous practise with you. Keep up your practise and you can expect great benefits. Your health will improve, you will feel more relaxed and self aware, better able to deal with life. Stick with the practise and discover even more benefits for yourself.

 Here is the 'Parting Wild Horse's Mane , such a lovely exercise to connect you to the feeling of soft flow and movement a great introduction to T'ai Chi. .

Parting Wild Horse's Mane for beginners. from ann on Vimeo.

I have found this posture to be a  great place to begin as it allows people to get the 'feel' of tai chi and as you can see in the video below we can prctise together and get a really nice sense of connection even in a few lessons.

Garden taichi in ARC House from ann on Vimeo.

Here is the Mini Form for people who are moving on .     .          .

Mini Form with postures described ( filmed from behind. from ann on Vimeo.

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