Saturday, 24 March 2012


I am coming to realise that relaxing is a great practice (probably the best one ! ).

I can hardly believe I'm writing that considering how much I like to train and work.

Relaxing is simple but don't be fooled, real relaxation is not easy. At least not for me. As soon as I begin to really relax and let go , my mind takes off with lots of reasons why this is not the right time. "I haven't got there yet, I'll get lazy,",
or sometimes even just a general feeling of unease comes over me as if there is something pressing that has slipped my mind !

These thoughts and sensations are what make relaxation difficult and also paradoxically what make it such a powerful practice. When I persist in spite of these thoughts and sensations, slowly they unravel, I begin to see that they were illusory, my mind's attempt to keep control. My mind's attempt to keep me from trusting life's wisdom and letting life direct my processes rather than figuring things out in my head.

Persisting with relaxation is allowing me to experience how life is looking after me.
It is teaching me how to trust in a greater wisdom than my mind.

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