Monday, 4 April 2011

All the great mystics tell us of the interconnectedness or oneness of all and I really love when I come across evidence in science that confirms this. I hope you enjoy the following ...(It's from The Molecules of Emotion once again.)
" An era of discovery has began that is still in full swing, as neuroscientists began tracing the precise connections among all the parts of the body.
To cite just one recent example, Rita Valentono of the University of Pennsylvania has shown that the nucleus of Barrington in the hindbrain, formerly believed to control merely micturition ( bladder-emptying ), is connected through the vagus nerve to the most distant part of the large intestine, near the anus. Rita has proven that sensations of colonic distention (i.e., the feeling of needing to poop) as well as those of genetial arousal are carried back to the nucleus of Baerrington. From there there is a short neural connection that hooks up to the locus coeruleus ("pleasure pathway")also very high in opiate receptors. The pleasure pathway hooks up to the control area of these bathroom functions, which is located in the front of the brain. Goodness is any wonder that toilet training is associated with emotional stuff.
If we accept that peptides and other informational substances are the biochemicals of emotion, their distribution in the body's nerves has all kinds of significance, which Sigmund Freud, were alive today would gleefully point out as the molecular confirmation of his theories. The new work suggests that there are almost infinite pathways for the conscious mind to access - and modify - the unconscious mind and the body.

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