Tuesday, 15 December 2009

More Yielding

When I yield to my feelings and allow them to be, especially the uncomfortable ones I begin to experience freedom. I am no longer trying to escape (in food, television or even practice). I can simply experience the feeling and let it go.This allows me to welcome all feelings in myself and allow others their feelings too, without trying to fix or change them. When I realise deep in myself that feelings are not "real" or true "facts" but rather experiences coming into my awareness to be consciously felt. I can relax into each moment knowing that each feeling when fully allowed can teach me freedom. This freedom comes from getting to know my true nature beyond feelings, thoughts and tensions. That nature, which is ever present waiting for me to turn inward and experience it. The more I turn my attention to this still presence the more accessible it becomes. The choice is there in each moment, to pay attention to the distractions of mind or the stillness of presence.

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