Friday, 25 July 2008

" Nothing is more real than nothing. " Samuel Becket wasn't the only person to realize the importance of nothing or space. Silence and timelessness are other aspects of nothing. In Les Fehmi's biofeedback research he found that "Objectless imagery" - the multisensory experience and awareness of space, nothingness, or absence - almost always elicits large amplitude and prolonged periods of phase-synchronous alpha activity. Zen monks too know the value of deep silence that induces internal space. Even watching people practice T'ai Chi is known to arouse deep states of relaxation in the observor. Is it that not only the practioners but also the room becomes saturated in alpha waves ? Research now shows that our brains are teaming with body maps - maps of our body's surface, its musculature, its intentions, it's potential for action, even a map that automatically tracks and emulates the actions and intentions of other people around. It often feels to me that we learn T'ai Chi through a process of absorbtion or osmosis. It's the time spent practicing in company of other sincere students that teaches us what it's all about.

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