Sunday, 13 April 2008


Whenever we feel anything should be other than it is, we are resisting or so it seems to me. I've been reflecting on resistance, my own especially for a while now and have noticed how it affects so much of my experience. Whenever I'm aware of thinking things 'should' be different than they are I check my body and sure enough it's tense. If I can relax and let go the 'shoulds ' dissolve. Whenever I'm 'shoulding' on myself it produces a lot of resistance. For example if I'm telling myself I should get up and practice there will be part of me fighting back saying I shouldn't. If I let go and relax at that point instead of forcing a decision one way or the other often a resolution will happen. In either case I will have relaxed into the present moment and become more present here now. Byron Katie says whenever we are fighting with reality we lose 100% of the time. All resisting is fighting with reality, not allowing things to be as they are. Allowing things to be as they are is not opting out. In my experience when we are fighting anything we are not fully open to all the information and possibilities.Through surrendering, the body and mind relaxes and often insights we never could have imagined appear as if by magic.

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